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-Academic Fall Session 
-Summer Camp Session

We are a state licensed year round, early childhood education preschool.

​"Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand.”
-Chinese proverb
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PreK 3

Miss Natalie offers a fun, loving environment for PreK-3. Her classroom focuses on gross and fine motor skills such as language development (Baby sign language), mastering hopping, skipping, knowing right and left, following directions, using safety scissors and holding pencil/ crayon. Academics focus on number and letter recognition, colors and shapes, and community connections. Daily schedule includes Circle Time, Free Play, Snack time, and Centers (group learning). Arts & Crafts offer the time for children to explore weekly themes through hands on projects including finger-painting, glue skills and coloring.

PreK 4

Miss Norma offers an exciting curriculum in a loving, caring setting. Her classroom focuses on Kindergarten preparation. Fine tuning gross and fine motor skills include proper scissor usage, holding pencil/ crayon for writing, and following directions. Academics focus on number and letter recognition, shapes and colors, sight words and early reading skills including phonics, Science, Social Studies/ community connections,Computer skills, and Religion. Daily schedule includes Circle Time, Centers (group learning), Arts & Crafts, and Free Play.

Summer Session/ Camp


The Summer Session is 8 weeks. We offer a fun and safe environment for your child to enjoy Summer activities. The Camp features weekly themes incorporating Activities, Science Projects, Arts & Crafts, Outdoor Play and weekly Water Fun. This session is perfect for transitioning into a school setting.

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