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Our Staff

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Christ the Good Shepherd Preschool is proud to offer a loving, caring staff to your children.
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Miss Natalie
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Miss Norma

Miss Natalie holds a degree in Early Childhood Education & has 15 years experience in preschool. She is the PreK-3 group teacher. Her style is devoted to interactive learning with a focus on building language: her students learn ASL as well as Spanish. Her Pre K-3 is full of music, movement and fun!

Miss Norma has over 20 years experience in preschool education, most of them at CTGSP. She is the PreK 4 group teacher. She is completely dedicated to learning in a fun, hands on way. She continues to learn as much from her students as they learn from her!

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Miss Mary, Director/ Head Teacher

Miss Mary holds a Master's degree in Elementary & Early Childhood Education. She has more than 20 years of classroom experience from infant to Grade 12. 11 of those years are in preschool, with 7 of them here at CTGSP. 


Mary Watson: Director/ Head Teacher 
Lauren Perna: Assistant Director
Norma Colby: PreK-4 Group Teacher
Natalie Caputo: PreK-3 Group Teacher
Stephanie Ballurio: Academic Aide
Rosita Rodriguez: Academic Aide
Sarah Dare, Academic Aide
Savannah Colby: Afternoon Aide
Sabrina Schroer: Afternoon Aide
Alexis Medio, Afternoon Aide

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